Summary of Business Development Services

We provide the integrated solutions to business development and investor relation that include the following:

  • Capital market introduction to networks of private and public investors
  • Strategic and effective digital/social media campaigns
  • Financial, political and medical communities outreach
  • Integrated analytical research report
  • Effective corporate communication
  • Endogenous pipeline growth
  • Corporate growth via merger and acquisition
  • Resources for clinical trial initiation and support

Dr. Tran BioSci Advisory is built on the pillars of integrity, corporate responsibility, medical innovation and community relationship. Our missions are three folds: to foster the business partnership with the clientele that supports and/or innovates stellar therapeutics for patients; to deliver expert analytical research intelligence for investors; and to unlock premium valuations for shareholders and firms.

Leveraging on the advisor's expertise pertaining to medicine, finance, consulting, digital media, investors outreach, integrated analytical research and strong readers' support (especially from retail investors and medical experts), we deliver an integrated consultancy service to companies operating in the bioscience sector, healthcare, and medical technology.

Viewing your firm as a business partner, we dedicate our work to the highest ethical and professional standards so that you can focus on innovating lifesaving therapeutics for patients. Whether your firm already has many medicines on the market or your company is still developing a young pipeline, we can catalyze your next growth phase. The advisory provides comprehensive and customized counsel for your firm to grow, which can be via endogenous pipeline development and/or merger and acquisition. This service entails in-depth M&A opportunities analysis, therapeutic design, and the provision of resources for clinical trial support.

Furthermore, having visibility in the capital markets is the key to funding therapeutic innovation for patients. Over the past few years, our advisor, Dr. Tran, have helped many companies through the business introduction to the capital markets via his intelligent network of readers, including medical professionals, market leaders, fund managers as well as independent everyday investors.

Our comprehensive consultancy that focuses on business development and integrated investor relation outreach, can foster your firm's relationship with leaders in the financial, regulatory and medical communities. The advisor's unique integrated intelligence can assist your company's transition into the next growth phase.

"Stellar therapeutics for patients. Differentiated intelligence for investors. Premium valuations for firms."

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