Corporate History of Dr. Tran BioSci Research And Consulting

As an integrated consultancy of Vincata Enterprises LLC, Dr. Tran BioSciis launched in 2017 with the missions to support therapeutics innovation for patients, to provide differentiated intelligence for investors, and to unlock premium valuations for companies.

Having expertise in medicine and experience in navigating the financial market as well as comprehensive analytical research on an extensive number of therapeutic pipelines, we assist investors through our research and consulting to help investors in their research due diligence.

Viewing clients as business partners, we deliver professional services that ultimately stimulate organic growth, foster investor relation, and unlock premium valuation for firms. Employing an integrated approach, we deliver proprietary market research intelligence through a vast number of digital publication outlets, social media, email campaign and key opinion leaders webinars.

Notably, we no longer provide corporate services and shifted our exclusive focus to helping shareholders through our Seeking Alpha Marketplace research (Integrated BioSci Investing).

"Stellar therapeutics for patients. Differentiated intelligence for investors. Premium valuations for firms."

You can learn more about our service through our Seeking Alpha marketplace (Integrated BioSci Investing).