Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big profits/safety in a changing market via high-level intelligence from the Columbia scientist, doctor/market expert

Investing in bioscience stocks can be lucrative if - and only if - an investor has an expert edge. Chief Medical Analyst, Dr. Tran is a physician with years of experience in the bioscience field. He has a highly accurate record of clinical data forecasting that is nearly prescient. Leveraging on his strengths, Integrated BioSci Investing ("IBI") seeks to demystify medical jargon and to break down scientific complexities in a way that's easy for the layperson to understand. And, our mission is to translate high-level intelligence into big profits for clients (who we view as business partners).
Extremely well researched, communicated in an easy-to-grasp manner. High potential for capital appreciation ...
At IBI, we have much success in finding stocks that have delivered multiple folds profits. You can review our portfolio in this quarterly assessment. Some of our notable performers are listed below.
Exclusive insight has been proven correct …
Nektar Therapeutics gained +307%.
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals returned +169%. (It also appreciated over 36% in one day, following a positive catalyst forecasting after an MP exclusive article was published).
Atara Biotherapeutics delivered +166%
Kite Pharma (acquired by Gilead Sciences) profited +82%.
Juno Therapeutics (acquired by Celgene Corporation) procured +45%.
Amicus Therapeutics appreciated +71%.
We maximize our subscribers' chances of discovering multibagger opportunities while diversifying to lower overall risk (including the over-exposure to any particular niche). With our portfolio implementation, we can help you maximize your profits even if the bear market will come.
You'll receive the following exclusive services with subscription:
  • Exclusive IBI Long-Term portfolio: At least 30 stocks recommendation (that focuses on areas, including CAR-T, infectious disease, NASH, and immuno-oncology).
  • Exclusive Catalysts portfolio: For short-term trading that leverages on binary events analysis and special situations
  • Exclusive Alpha Intelligence research: Once-weekly Integrated BioSci best idea as interviews, reports, or research
  • Exclusive daily Integrated BioSci analysis: High-level intelligence published in advance of the free articles
  • Exclusive Integrated BioSci M&A analysis: Periodic report on potential 2018 M&A
  • Exclusive coverage: Weekly portfolio updates and quarterly reviews
  • Exclusive consults: Direct communication with the author to answer your questions
  • Exclusive chats: Live access to the community of doctors, scientists, fund managers, and everyday investors
Being a part of a supportive community of experts (who are respectful, helpful, and highly successful) can help you beat the market in the long-term. We'll alert you to notable performers so that you won't miss out on robust gains.
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