Privacy Policy

We view your privacy with utmost importance and take strategic measures to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. Our advisors are recommended to log off and clear their browser cache after using the Site. Laptops are also closed and secured with passwords after usage.

Under no circumstance shall we sell or disclose your identity and/or information to any individual, firm or authority that includes even the United States Government (unless there is a court subpoena presented to us).

For your best interest, we employ Google Blogger because it has strong security measures. Despite the heightened security of Google Blogger, we cannot guarantee that the server is free of all virus. As with other websites, Google employs cookies that track anonymous users data to improve the browsing experience. For potential clients, we collect minimally identifiable information that is necessary for us to conduct business. Other information is only obtained on a voluntary basis. 

We do not sell your email or personal information to any company. If needed, we will share only aggregate non-identifiable information with our affiliates for business and marketing purpose.