Dr. Tran BioSci's Consulting Services For Biotech Companies

Leveraging on Dr. Tran's medical and market expertise, Dr. Tran BioSci assists innovative bioscience companies through consulting. Our consulting work entails investor outreach, market awareness, investor relations, and business development. 

1. Investor relations
2. Investor outreach
3. Market awareness
4. Business development

Dr. Tran BioSci consulting is unique due to Dr. Tran's robust and dedicated growing investor network of over 43,000 investors from various social media platforms.

Asides from everyday investors, Dr. Tran's investor's network consists mostly of high net worth investors, fund managers, family offices, experts, CEOs, physicians, and scientists.

At the core of Dr. Tran BioSci is our commitment to the few companies that qualify our strict criteria.

We don't take on any clients. We filter out many pharmaceutical clients to focus on one to two top-quality firms. Though there are always investment risks, we are highly selective to help Dr. Tran's investor's network uncovers investment gems.

Contact us at info@drtranbiosci.com to see if your company qualifies.