A Differentiated IR/PR/BD Solution

Unlike the traditional IR/PR that focuses exclusively on you (the biotech company client), I'm dedicated to helping investors find “multi-bagger” investments (i.e., stocks that increase multiple folds) over the years. 

As you can see, biotech investors are more sophisticated and intelligent than you might think. With the rise in social media and the Internet, investors nowadays often read from their favorite biotech communities and authors. 

Even Wall Street analysts and professional money managers follow such communities and leading authors. By engaging in such avenues, they would find winning biotech investments over the years and thereby enjoy a fruitful relationship. 

As an independent stock market analyst, physician/scientist, and entrepreneur, I BUILT MULTIPLE COMMUNITIES AND COMPANIES over the years. In the span of over 10 years of recommending many winning stocks to over 50,000 investors, investors see me like family. And, I work hard to foster that trust. 

For example, I featured  Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP) at $19.10, CryoPort (CYRX) at $15.19, Kite Pharma (KITE) that was acquired, and many more. Some of those stocks are worth several folds higher today than at their initial recommendations.

Check out my work and reviews at Seeking Alpha to verify. See my LinkedTree for my leadership and experiences.

INSTEAD OF TAKING MANY CLIENTS, I CHOOSE THE FEW. This way, I can truly add value to you while delivering multi-bagger stocks for investors. 

That being said, here are the following consultation services that I offer:

1. Investor relations

2. Investor outreach

3. Market awareness

4. Business development

UNLIKE THE TRADITIONAL approach, I also assist companies like yours in business development to boost up your pipeline prospects. That way, investors are getting REAL VALUE.

Through my training at Columbia University and over a decade of honing in my craft, I can quickly size up which drugs would pass their clinical trials and the FDA. 

Interestingly, I'm the only one forecasting and tracking my results. Here are the results, see for yourself. There is another version of the forecast that has more biotech catalysts which are exclusively for Integrated BioSci Investing members.

Aside from everyday investors, my investor's network consists mostly of high net worth investors, fund managers, family offices, experts, CEOs, physicians, and scientists. All my analysts are PhDs with many years of experience and platforms of their own.

Now, my work is SEC-compliant. As such, I will NOT trade your stocks. By focusing on building high-quality investors for you, the stock will take care of itself. I will NOT take stock compensation. And, I’ve always reserved the right to INDEPENDENTLY express my ideas.