Integrated BioSci Research: Comprehensive Analytical And Field Studies

As its name implies, integrated bioscience research is an integration of knowledge from complementary fields to improve investing accuracy as well as to obtain alpha intelligence in investing as well as in drugs discovery.

The first rule of integrated investing is to realize one’s limitation. For instance, physicians who are rigidly scientific tend to lack the analytical prowess of financial experts. Conversely, financiers typically do not possess the medical expertise of healthcare providers. Likewise, scientists are usually not familiar with prescribing patterns.

The second rule is to move beyond one’s circles of competence through learning various disciplines as well as to leverage on others’ expertise. In doing so, we tap into the intelligence of physicians, financiers, and scientists in our network.

The third rule is to seek intelligence not available on the balance sheet via conducting field research. Accordingly, we gained much insight through informal patient as well as consumer surveys. If needed, we run our own statistical tests.

Leveraging on our complementary expertise, we investigate crucial variables to successful biopharma investing. Those key metrics of analysis include pipeline, mechanism of action, clinical study, competitiveness, market opportunity, management, financial position, and valuation. Comparative market analysis using the sum of the parts is what we relied upon for appraising a company.

We accurately forecasted the outcomes of numerous clinical trials like the Flint of Intercept, the Ascend of InterMune, and the Affinity of MannKind, far in advance of the market. To this date, our clinical trials forecasting has a 100% accuracy. Despite that we are bound to make mistakes, we hope to continue this track record of performance in the future.

"Stellar therapeutics for patients. Differentiated intelligence for investors. Premium valuations for firms."

You can learn more about our service through our Seeking Alpha marketplace (Integrated BioSci Investing).