Thursday, June 15, 2017

Education: Using Finbox's Premier Tools For Researching Stocks

According to the world-renowned investor, Warren Buffett, stocks valuation (or determining how much a company is worth) can be quite subjective: two analysts valuing a firm could come up with completely different figures. Moreover, Peter Lynch mentioned in his book - One Up On Wall Street - that investing research is an imperfect science, for it is also an art. So what does that means for you as an investor? 

First, it's best not fixate on the exactitude when appraising a firm. Just make sure that you are in the ballpark of a company’s true worth. Now for stellar accuracy, it’s important to eliminate potential bias, by utilizing as much science as you can. That being said, we employed the professional techniques (comparative market analysis and the appraisal of the sum using the parts with appropriate discounts) to value developing bioscience firms. For companies generating stable earnings, we prefer Finbox's premium technology (to optimize accuracy and objectivity).

Founded by technology experts and the former investment banker, Math Hogan, Finbox has premier stocks researching tools. The user-friendly platform has key data metrics to help you achieve accurate analysis (for market outperformance in the long run). No worries if you are the average investors (without the valuation expertise), simply type in the stock ticker and Finbox will do the heavy lifting to let you know if the company is a prudent buy or sell. For techies out there, Finbox API is extremely flexible and responds in JSON format. And with the programming language of your choice, you can access the data directly from its REST API.

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