Monday, June 12, 2017

Kite Pharma: How High Will It Fly?


  • Engineered T cells therapy is showing highly promising early trials results as the next potential cancer breakthrough.
  • After a twofold share price increase, the question remains whether such a growth trajectory will be sustained.
  • The market value of a firm correlates with its intrinsic value, at least in the long haul, and thus we expect further upside in Kite Pharma.

Based in Santa Monica, California, Kite Pharma (NASDAQ: KITE) is dedicated to the delivery of cancer therapeutics through the innovative engineered T cell therapy ("ETCs") platform. With the dramatic results seen thus far in early clinical trials (and especially the cancer remission witnessed in refractory cases), the firm has reasons to pride itself as the leader in ETCs. This biotechnology can potentially deliver the biggest cancer treatment breakthrough since the introduction of chemotherapy more than half a century ago.

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