Saturday, September 15, 2018

More Benefits To IBI Members: New Research And Report Series To Assist Our Community


Specialty Research Series elucidates investment prospects in various markets (NASH, RNA-based medicines, CAR-T, genes therapy/editing, and infectious disease).
Educational Series explicates our investment philosophy for you to adapt to your own use.
Expert Interview Series features key opinion leaders and their best recommendations. Portfolio Review Series provides our latest takes on promising investments.
M&A Series reviews merger & acquisitions and forecasts potential outcomes. Sector Report Series analyzes industry headwinds and tailwinds.
Quality Improvement Series analyzes our mistakes to deliver better future returns. Development Series gives a sneak peek preview on our future direction.
We recently upgraded IBI with ongoing changes to improve the quality of our private research community. Accordingly, we improved our presentation on ways to best leverage on our research via a question and answer format. In this article, we’ll feature various research/report series with corresponding links to make it easy and efficient for you to conduct your own research due diligence. The aforesaid series include the following: Specialty Research, Educational, Expert Interview, M&A, Sector Report, Portfolio Review, Quality Improvement, and Development.

Specialty Research Series

We’ve featured a total of five different Specialty Research Series. The primary objective of the Specialty Research is to deliver in-depth analysis into a particular niche for investors who are interested in exploring only a particular field, for instance, the lucrative nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (“NASH”) market. Moreover, we discuss the latest medical breakthroughs in this series. Each article goes over the overall market opportunity, challenges, and investment prospects. For your convenience, we feature the links to five Specialty Research (on NASH, RNA-based medicines, CAR-T, genes therapy/editing, and infectious disease) as presented below.

Educational Series

Having a solid understanding of the what, why, when, and how pertaining to an investment is crucial for long-term success. That being said, we a good number of educational articles in the hopes that you find our investing approach useful. We recommend that you read these articles often and determine how you can adapt it to your own investment approach to improving your returns. After all, education is a lifelong journey.

Expert Interview Series

Back in 2017, we conducted several expert interviews in the efforts to increase the depth of coverage for our members. In the Expert Interview series, you can get a glimpse into the insight of different key opinion leaders (“KOLs”) and learn how they investing. You also get their top stock recommendations. For instance, we found out about Omeros Corporation (NASDAQ:OMER) via the interview with the stellar Scientist Trader, Biotech Beast.

M&A Series

The merger & acquisition (M&A) series features various aspects of an acquisition. In these articles, we analyze different criteria that are conducive to an M&A. And in leveraging our experience, we prognosticate potential M&A targets that you might want to check out

Sector Report Series

While we predominantly focus on bottom-up research on individual companies, it’s important to have an understanding of the overall bioscience sector. Knowing the associated industry tailwinds and headwinds can give an investor the edge in analyzing the particular bioscience investment. Going forward, we’ll increase our focus on the development at the FDA to give members a heads up on what the FDA Commissioner (Dr. Scott Gottlieb) has in store for patients, companies, and investors.

Portfolio Review Series

Every quarter, we conduct an in-depth analysis of our long-term portfolio (CP-Alpha). We recommend that you check our prior reviews as well as the latest article to track our progress. In the latest report, you can learn about our best ideas that can potentially deliver multiple fold profits. The prime example is Intercept Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:ICPT), a company that has the best chances of making a successful turnaround in the Q2 2018 Portfolio Review. Since our recommendation, the company has procured +60%.

Quality Improvement Series

In this series, we present an analysis of our mistakes and invaluable lessons that we learned in order to improve our research quality for IBI members.

Development Series

Our goal for the IBI Development Series is to alert investors to our upcoming developments and their progress. We are brewing various portfolio developments. Nevertheless, we are short on manpower and need your help with tracking various catalyst. Please send your message to either Dr. Tran or HopeAlpha if you wish to help out.

Final Remarks

We hope that this article (and our reorganization of various research and report into their respective series) and new pieces are helpful. The perk of being a member is that you'll have access to this article and all the links that are not available to the free site. More importantly, you'll have access to our ongoing updates. 
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