Monday, March 18, 2019

IBI Announcement: Raising Support For An Innovative Fund

IBI is raising donation to launch an innovation fund via GoFundMe.
The fund will invests in bioscience companies to assist innovators in delivering lifesaving medicines to patients.
Your contribution even if small will be instrumental to the fund's success.
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree long ago - Warren Buffett
As my readers and friends, you most likely know that my dream is to launch a life science hedge fund. The fund's objective is to invest in stellar public and private bioscience companies. That way, I can assist innovators in bringing lifesaving medicines to patients who can be you and your loved ones. As I recently lost my father-in-law to cancer, I'm fully cognizant of the need for lifesaving drugs.
My promise to you is that your donation will not be wasted. My expertise and unique insight in the bioscience space enabled me to choose investments that will deliver the most value. And, I will unlock the value in the fund's investments through activist investing as the fund grows.
As I research the vast therapeutic areas - immuno-oncology, liver disease, orphan disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, obesity, etc - perhaps one day my efforts will translate into better medicines for you and your family.
You might not believe your efforts will count. And yet, the sum is far greater than any individual part when we all contribute. I need your support because I am a young father to a beautiful newborn daughter. Therefore, my financial resources are limited.
With your donation, I'll reach my goal far sooner than I could on my own. Let's us help one another for the good karma will come back to help ourselves. You can access my GoFundMe by CLICKING HERE.