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Sunday, June 9, 2019

IBI Top Picks For Summer 2019 Part II: Which Bioscience Stock Will Sit On The Iron Throne?

Last weekend, I featured Part I of the Top Picks for Summer 2019. I'll finish up this series by presenting four more growth companies.
As a leader in the non-alcoholic steatohepatitis space, Madrigal is most likely to deliver strong advance data and thereby takes its crown as the undisputed champion in the $25B market.
To honor of my Father, I'm giving out a 50% discount gift to new members this weekend in advance of next week's Father's Day.
One thing that could help would be to write down the reason you are buying a stock before your purchase. Force yourself to write this down. It clarifies your mind and discipline. - Warren Buffett

Author's note: In honor of my Father, I'm offering new subscribers a 50% discount gift in advance of next weekend's Father's Day. Send me a message if you wish to receive yours.

In Part I of my Top Picks For Summer 2019, I featured four powerful bioscience growth equities. To complete this summer expedition, I recently came out of the jungle of bioscience equities to deliver to you four more intriguing investment leads. In my view, they are low hanging fruits that can catapult your portfolio to the new high, provided that you hold them for the next several years. In my view, the most outsized returns arise from long-term investing.
If you take equity investment similar to buying a house, it'll make much more sense. One cannot expect to flip a house overnight for the most gargantuan profit. A house needs years to appreciate multiple folds. From the fundamental paradigm, equity investment works pretty much the same way. Time is simply a requisite for a growth business to unlock its full potential. Buffett said it best: "You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant."
My view is in line with the Oracle of Omaha, Buffett. Nevertheless, I believe that you can still bank short-term profits in bioscience. This occurs in situations known as "binary events" like an FDA approval or clinical data reporting. Nonetheless, one needs to have expert forecasting skills to have an edge over the market. Armed with all the arsenals, it's still quite risky. Moreover, the returns are not outsized as in ultra-long-term holding to make investing worthwhile.